Appraisals That Put the Decision-
Making Tools in Your Hands

How do you know you’ve found yourself in need of a real estate appraisal? Consider whether the value of real property owned by yourself, your client, or your corporation could affect the future direction of your farm, commercial enterprise, or residential investment. If it could, you should invest in a professional appraisal. An appraisal enables you to make a decision armed with the knowledge of all relevant information for value.

Our Appraisal Process

Step 1

See it for ourselves: inspect the property top to bottom.

Step 2

Look around the market area: locate and analyze comparable property sales.

Step 3

Consider the present: offers, listings, and pending sales.

Step 4

Think of the future: proposed improvements and their impact on your property.

Step 5

Put it all together: reconcile all of the elements based on degree of comparability and how each element affects your property.

Our Appraisals Can Be Used for Many Purposes, Including:

  • Purchase or Sale Decisions
  • Loan Documentation
    • Settling an Estate
    • Business Structure
  • Investment Analysis
  • Charitable Contributions
    • Litigation Support
    • Trust Management

We Gather Data From:

  • Multiple listing services
  • Courthouse records
  • Local brokers and other appraisers
  • Interviews with property owners, builders, developers, lenders
  • Our own personal knowledge and experience

Fully Developed. Completely Supported. Properly Reported.

This is the kind of appraisal we deliver. Consequently, we likely will not be the cheapest appraisal firm you could hire. However when you are dealing with mortgage financing, estate planning, divorces, or litigation, you don’t need cheap professional services. You need, and should want, the top-quality professional services available from AgriLand Appraisal Group. Give us a call today to get started.

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